Coloring with Emotion is one of my favorite websites. I visit it every day, and it has taught me almost as much about digital filmmaking as my professors at Grand Valley did about lighting for and shooting film. And no, that is not a knock on GV at all. When I graduated, DSLR use for video was really in it’s infancy, and you needed the budget of a not-so-small country in order to shoot something on a RED. NoFilmSchool has the information as well as links to other sources in order for you to get more than started on your journey for digital filmmaking.

I read the latest NoFilmSchool post this morning in the airport, dreading getting in the security line that was literally out the door. It was about a new app for the iPad, developed by famed Spielberg colorist, Dale Grahn. This app teaches you the art of color grading, something that was once done chemically to film, which has now become digital. While going digital has allowed us to change the look of the film without worrying about damaging it, Grahn says we have lost our simplicity in grading.

To be honest, I skimmed through most of the rest of the article so I could catch my flight, but one phrase stood out to me, that you should color to provoke emotion. The reason that stood out is that a lot of the time, I sit at my computer at the end of an edit, staring at Magic Bullet Looks, and choose a look that looks cool or edgy, rather than the one that invokes the emotion I’m looking for. Just by reading the article it has got me thinking of a new way to approach editing. I definitely won’t just be looking for the “cool” look anymore.

The article can be found here:


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